• 2 GHz Intel or AMD dual processor
  • 120 MB disk space on drive C: for installation
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista (32-bit only), Windows 7, or Windows 8
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007, 2010, or 2013 with latest updates
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4 – may be downloaded from Microsoft at:
  • Latest Windows updates
  • Windows Media Player 10, 11 or 12 – may be downloaded from Microsoft at:
  • For multi-channel operation: Audio Interface, MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn) 828MK3 FireWire or Hybrid with latest driver
  • Firewire cable for laptop, Comprehensive FW6P-FW4P-25ST
First download and install all the Microsoft requisites above Including Windows updates.
   1. AUDIO SPLENDOR for listening and re-mastering consists of two parts.  BURWEN AUDIO performs digital signal processing to produce 1 to 7.1
    channel output from 1 to 8 analog inputs.  It plugs into the Windows Media Player, a 32-bit audio editor, or its own Burwen Recorder-Player.  It also
    high speed converts music files to Burwen processed files in various formats.  AUDIO SPLENDOR.xls is an Excel workbook that produces new 1 to
    7.1 channel sounds from 1 to 8 channels fed in and sends the new sounds locally or by remote control to BURWEN AUDIO.
 2. Only one Burwen digital signal processing product can be installed on your computer at any given time.  Before installing BURWEN AUDIO, go to
     the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall a Program and properly uninstall your previous product.  This applies to BURWEN BOBCAT
 3. More than one AUDIO SPLENDOR.xls, and BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER.xls Excel workbooks can be open at the same time if they are
     given different names.  AUDIO SPLENDOR.xls is accompanied by three libraries, SPLENDOR LIBRARY.xls, AMBIANCE NORMAL LIBRARY.xls,
     and AMBIANCE LIBRARY.xls.  All these are ready to use.
 4. A  Only BURWEN AUDIO.exe requires installation with the serial number you will receive within 24 hours.
 5. Double Click the BURWEN AUDIO button to start its installation.  In all security dialog boxes that pop up, allow BURWEN AUDIO.exe to run.  Follow
     the instructions that appear in the installer.
 6. When you have filled in the information requested, click next, and your information will be sent encrypted to the Burwen Activation
     Server for verification with your order.  Upon receiving and verifying your information the Burwen Activation Server gets an identification number (ID)
     from your computer and returns an unseen key number that automatically enables your software indefinitely, but only on your computer.
     Installation finishes and you can use your new software.  Your computer ID is kept confidential.
 7. If activation fails, see the instructions below.
 8. BURWEN AUDIO.exe has been completely installed at the end of this process.  When BURWEN BOBCAT is opened in the Windows Media Player
     at Tools, Plug-ins, BURWEN BOBCAT, it will process audio only if it has been activated.  If a valid license key has not been received and accepted,
     a red notice in the BURWEN BOBCAT window will offer a link to the Burwen Audio Activation window.  You can also open the Activation window
     from Start, Programs, Burwen Audio, Activate Burwen Audio.  
If the Registration Wizard displays an error message and offers Email activation, skip this and Finish.   
 1. Go to Start, All Programs, Burwen Audio, and click Activate Burwen Audio.  This will open the Burwen Audio Activation window which offers three
     methods for activation.  Click on line 3.  Follow the instructions in the dialog box that opens so that you will send the Site Code shown in red along
     with your contact information to sales@burwenaudio.com.  Burwenaudio.com will email back to you a license key (Site Key) code.
 2. When you receive your license key, keep the Email open.  Go to Start, All Programs, Burwen Audio, and click Activate Burwen Audio.  This will
     open the Burwen Audio Activation window again which offers thethree methods for activation.
 3. As you already have your license key, click on the second line to open a window for entering your Site Key.  You can type it manually or copy it
     from the Email and paste it at the cursor.
 4. To copy from the Email, hold down the left button while sliding the cursor to select all the letters and numbers of the code number.  Release the
     button.  Press CTRL+C to copy the selected number to the clipboard, and then paste the number at the cursor in the Site Key field, using CTRL+V.  
     Click Activate.  
AUDIO SPLENDOR which includes BURWEN AUDIO is licensed to be installed on 2 computers operated by the same person.

You may want to use AUDIO SPLENDOR on your main computer and a remote control laptop.  Both parts of the program are needed on each computer
and they must be the same version.

If you have used both activations and experience a computer failure, Burwen Technology, Inc. can help you.  Contact us and request an extra activation
for your serial number.
First download the latest www.motu.com Audio Driver.  Allow restart at Finish.

Connect your audio inputs and outputs according to the following:  For single-ended systems it is OK to use mono phone plugs which short one side of
the audio output to ground.

Connect the Firewire or USB cable.  Then power on the MOTU 828MK3 to install its driver.  If hardware detection opens a dialog
box, when asked, select “Continue Anyway”.  

Go to Start, All Programs, MOTU, MOTU Audio Console and click to open.  Set the options as below at 88.2 kHz Sample Rate.
Front Left
Front Center
Front Right
Aux In, Subwoofer Out
Rear Left
Rear Right
Side Left
Side Right
BURWEN AUDIO needs all the processing power it can get, without interruptions from non-vital computer operations or automatic updates of other
programs.  For highest reliability do not run other programs.
 1. Go to Start, Control Panel, System, Advanced, Performance, Settings, Visual Effects, and click Adjust for Best Performance.
 2. From the same tab click the Advanced tab and there click Background services and System Cache.  You can restart later.
 3. On the Automatic Updates tab click Turn Off Automatic Updates.  You can update manually when it is convenient.
 4. To use your internal stereo sound card, go to Start, Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices, Audio and select your computer's internal audio for
     both the default playback and recording devices.
 5. On the Sounds tab select No Sounds.
 6. Only the MOTU 828MK3 Audio Interface works for multichannel. Select MOTU AUDIO for both the default playback and recording devices.  The
     CD player and Internet audio may not work at the above settings.
 7. To play CDs or audio from the Internet directly, set the MOTU Audio Console above at 44.1 kHz and Use Stereo Pairs for Windows Audio.  AUDIO
     SPLENDOR will work only on audio sounds from the Windows Media Player, not video, and not from the internet.  The Burwen Recorder-Player
     feature of BURWEN AUDIO will provide AUDIO SPLENDOR processing for its analog inputs.  
 8. if you want the normal colors for AUDIO SPLENDOR.xls controls, install the Burwen Theme.  Before changing your theme it is a good idea to save
     your current theme in case you want to go back to it. Go to Start, My Computer, C:\BURWEN AUDIO\Burwen Theme and double click the Burwen
     theme for your operating system.`
 9. In all your programs that update, such as Norton Internet Security, set updates at manual instead of automatic.
10. Go to Start, All Programs, Burwen Audio, and click to open Burwen Audio (Last settings).  Its four speaker icon should appear at the right end of
     your Taskbar.  In the next step it will be set to always show.
11. Go down to your Taskbar and right click on a blank area.  Click Properties, and check every box except Lock the Taskbar.  Click Customize.  Go
     through the entire list and choose Always Show for Burwen Audio, your network such as Wireless Connection 1, Power Options as shown by a
     power plug or battery, and any other items of interest to you.  Click OK, then OK to close Properties.
12. Right click on the Burwen Audio icon at the right of the Taskbar and choose Exit.  
13. If you have an Excel icon on your desktop, click and drag it to the Quick Launch area of your Taskbar next to the Start button.  Drag the Windows
     Media Player icon there too.
14. If either icon is not on your desktop, find the Windows Media Player at Start, All Programs, Accessories Entertainment, Widows Media Player.
     Right click to copy; and paste a shortcut on your desktop.
15. Excel is at Start, All programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel.
16. You can sort your desktop icons by type by right clicking on the desktop.
17. Resize the Taskbar to accommodate two or three rows of buttons by dragging its top edge.  
18. Similarly make the Quick Launch area wide enough to view all its icons.  Then right click in a blank area and lock the Taskbar.

To open Microsoft Excel click its icon in the Quick Launch area, next to the Start button on your Taskbar.
EXCEL 2007
 1. Click the Office button at the upper left corner.  Click Excel Options at its window bottom.
 2. In the Popular window leave the default settings, select Color Scheme Black and fill in your User Name.  
 3. In the Trust Center window click Trust Center Settings, click Macro Settings, and select Enable All Macros.  Click Trusted Locations, Add New
     Location.  Fill in C:\BURWEN AUDIO\ and click Subfolders Of This Location Are Also Trusted.  OK, OK
 4. In the Save window select Save files in This Format:  Excel 97 - 2003 Workbook (*.xls).  Uncheck Save AutoRecover Every __ Minutes.
 5. In Options, Advanced, near the bottom, set At startup, open all files in: C:\BURWEN AUDIO.  
 6. In Options leave everything else alone.  Each worksheet in Audio Splendor sets its own critical options.  Close Excel.

To open the Windows Media Player, click its icon on your Taskbar.
 1. At the top of the Library window, If you do not see the Classic Menu - File, View, Play, Tools, Help, press CTRL + M, or click Organize, Layout,
     Show Menu Bar.
 2. On the topmost menu click Tools, Options, Devices, Speakers, Properties.  For multichannel, select MOTU AUDIO for your Sound Device.  Check
     Use 24-bit Audio for Audio CDs.  Click OK.  
 3. On the Plug-ins tab, Window, BURWEN BOBCAT (checked), check Enable Multi-Channel Output.  NOTE:  To prevent loss of sound when using
     your internal 2-channel sound card, uncheck Enable Multi-Channel Output.
 4. On the Library tab, Monitor Folders, Add, specify where you want to store different types of music files and create the folders.  For highest
     possible quality I rip my CDs to .wma lossless files located in E:\Music on a  2.0 TB external USB drive.  MP3 files are in E:\MUSIC MP3.
     BURWEN BOBCAT processed MP3 files are in E:\MUSIC BOBCAT, and 32-bit AUDIO SPLENDOR processed multi-channel WAV files are in
 5. If all these folders are listed in Monitor Folders, they can be conveniently grouped by clicking on the top of a column to sort by Subtitle or Bit Rate.
     At other times you may want to remove all but the folder of interest in Monitor Folders, so the files will be played with the correct processing.
 6. After selecting a music track, right click on the title bar, select Choose Column, and add Subtitle.  A name consisting of 5 or more letters and
     numbers saved in the TONE LIB for a particular track, and copied and pasted in the Subtitle column, allows the Windows Media Player to
     automatically recall the system settings when you play the track.
Note that you can use BURWEN AUDIO with a two-channel sound card in your computer.  Some sound cards such as Realtek HD may not work unless
you have installed an ASIO conversion program,
ASIO4ALL.  Select ASIO4ALL for your Capture Device and channels 1 and 2 for Input and Output.

Most computers manufactured in 2009 or later have 24-bit sound cards which are quite good.  For multichannel operation use the MOTU 828MK3
FireWire or Hybrid.
If you hear stuttering,
uncheck Use WaveRT
for Windows Audio
A laptop computer on which the same version of BURWEN AUDIO.exe is installed can perform wireless remote control of the main computer that performs
the digital signal processing.  Either or both of the set of AUDIO SPLENDOR workbooks or BURWEN BOBCAT TONE BALANCER are usable.  For this
purpose the firewall on the main computer has to allow opening certain ports to allow reception over the network.

In the Windows 7 Control Panel go to Windows Firewall, Advanced Settings, Inbound Rules, New Rule, and click Port, Next.  In the window for Specific
Local Ports type 8088, 8089, 8090.  Click Next, Next, unclick Public, Finish.

The ports are used for remote control of the following
8088 - Analog (Burwen Player)
8089 - Windows Media Player (WMP)
8090 - DirectX plugin for audio editors
Burwen Technology, Inc.
12 Holmes Road
Lexington, MA 02420-1917
Your order for AUDIO SPLENDOR is processed by the burwenbobcat.com store. After credit card approval, a DOWNLOAD button will appear at the
upper right of the Confirmation page for the software item ordered. Click the button and choose Save. When the Save As dialog box appears, find local
drive (C:) in Windows Explorer (File Explorer). Right click to get a menu. Click New Folder, rename it BURWEN AUDIO, and double-click to make it the
active folder in the title bar.  Save the AS-Link.pdf file there and Close.  In Windows Explorer select C:\BURWEN AUDIO\AS-Link.pdf and double-click to
open it.  Follow the instructions to click on the link that starts downloading AUDIO SPLENDOR.zip and save it in C:\BURWEN AUDIO.  Extract (copy and
paste) the four .xls files and BURWEN AUDIO.exe into C:\BURWEN AUDIO.